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Kiko = Chi kung (気功)

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What's the Ki
 The "Ki(気)" is the energy of life and substances. The Kiko(気功) is a way to maintain healthy life, that makes us natural through controlling the Ki in our body. Lacking the Ki and having the bad Ki brings sickness, therefore practicing the kiko is significant for everyone.
 By the way, we call the Kiko-shi(気功師) who practices the Kiko and makes good use of the Ki. Some Kiko-shi use the Ki to cure a person of a disease, some use it as the ultimate power in martial arts. Have you ever seen a Kiko-shi on TV, who could move someone without touch ?

 Western medical science offten tells us that the cause of sickness is out of our body, therefore the doctors think more about medical treatment than preventive medicine. As a result of this, they perscribe many drugs that can bring not only good but bad effects for our body, and remove the internal organs.
 Oriental medical science tells us that most sickness comes from the irregularity of the Ki. That is, mankind is a part of nature, and if our life obeys the principles and providence of the nature, we can be healthy.

1. Increase the good Ki and decrease the bad Ki
     If the bad Ki intrudes into our body, the good Ki fights against it. It is needless to say that breating the bad Ki makes our health grow worse, and winning the good Ki makes it beter.
     The practicing of Kiko leads to developing the good Ki and immuninizing against sickness.
2. Relaxing
     Health is linked to the state of mind. Stress makes the secretion of adrenalin, the blood pressure, and the level of blood sugar increase. The Kiko makes a good environment for recovering from sickness and maintaining a healthy life, through eliminating mental strain.
     When we are practicing the Kiko, we can measure alpha-waves. This proves the Kiko can harmonize our body with our state.
3. Vitalizing all of our body
    We have about 14 billion cerebral nerve cell, but we can use only 10〜20% of this. After practicing the Kiko the brain waves get better, so we can realize our potential ability through the Kiko.

 The Kiko has a lot of way to practice. There is thousands of way, but we can classify as follows.
    Ko-Kiko(硬気功):Making strong body through training muscle and practicing the Kiko
    Nan-Kiko(軟気功):Maintaining healthy life by practicing the Kiko in our body
    An-ko(按 功):Leading the Ki by massage
    Do-ko(動 功):the Kiko of moving body
    Sei-ko(静 功):the Kiko of meditation

Clinical result
 There are more than 80 indications of the effectiveness of the Kiko.

・the digestive system

    an ulcer of the stomach, a duodenal ulcer, gastroptosis, catarrh of the stomach ; gastritis, constipation, intestinal tuberculosis, the vermiform appendix, indigestion, hepatitis, cirrhosis
・the blood vessel system
    hardening of coronary artery, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cardiac infarction ; myocardial infarction
・the nervous system
    nervous breakdown, insomnia, hysteria;hysterics, a nervous disease;neurosis, muscular dystrophy, myelitis, autonomic imbalance, sequelae of palsy, arteriosclerosis;hardening of the arteries
・the respiratory system
    pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, emphysema
・the blood vessel system
・the urinary and sexual organs
    tuberculosis;consumption, chronic cystitis, nephritis, inflamed prostate, pollution, premature ejaculation
・the gynocological system
    myoma of the uterus, menstrual irregularity
・the five sense organs
    glaucoma, sighted policy, tonsillitis